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Thiết bị kiểm tra sản phẫm bằng dung dịch MEK

Specifications Weight of machine 28.3 kg (62.5 lbs) MEK reservoir capacity 425 cc. Mass of Rubbing Block 3kg (6.8 lbs) Stroke Length 203mm (8”) Number of strokes/min (Double Rub) 70 Operational air pressure 550 KPa (80 psi) Max air supply pressure 965 KPa (140 psi) Air consumption @ operational pressure 2.35 SCFM @ 550 KPa (80 psi) Minimum Flexible air line supply size ¼” I.D. Air inlet connection at filter ¼ NPT Cotton Pad size 1½ x 1¾, 2 ply Counter min/max number of strokes

Chi tiết sản phẩm

 ASTM D7835

Product Summary
The MEK Rub Test machine has been developed to combat the problem of inconsistent test results between operators. This semi automated machine gives the line operator and quality control personnel the ability to duplicate results from the laboratory to the production line every time. The front panel mounted controls make it simple for the user to program the required number strokes to run for a specified test, then simply lower the head, close the cover, and press the start button, the machine will do the rest. This frees the operator to perform other QC test while the machine performs the rub test consistently and reliably with the added benefit of greatly reducing operator contact with and exposure to the solvents being used for the rub test procedure. Once the cycle counter reaches the preset number of strokes the unit will shut off the solvent flow and return to the start position ending the test. The operator can return at any time to check the results of the Rub Test. The quick change solvent pad system means that preparing for the next test procedure is quick and efficient.